H2 Electric Scalp Massager for Head Massage - Hair Growth & Regrowth with Heating 2 Color Options



The H2 HAIR GROWTH TREATMENT SYSTEM is a safe and effective hair growth treatment for heredity hair loss, identified by overall thinning of hair, a receding hairline, and pattern baldness. The H2 hair growth treatment product‘s RED laser & BLUE laser therapy will help stimulate your hair follicles at home or on the go, using laser technology that was only previously accessible through physicians. This hair growth product is also a head massager that fits comfortably around your head and is easy to store in a gym bag or nightstand. Plus, the lightweight Electric Scalp Massager is comfortable to wear and effectively relieves tension for a deeper relaxation. 

H2 Laser Therapy Hair Growth Equipment Is Also a Massager to Relieve Tension & Headaches in Style

With ten massage heads that vibrate in five different rhythm modes, the H2 Scalp Massager provides strong, alternated stimulation to your scalp nerves, resulting in rapid relaxation and a crisp, numbing sensation. Not only does it leave your scalp feeling amazing, but it can also relieve headaches, migraines, sore neck, and scalp tension to help you unwind and feel your best.

Upgrade to multi-level heat therapy for the ultimate release of tension and fatigue.

The H2 Hair Growth Heating Head Massager features two heating contacts and three temperature levels that expertly apply heat to your temples and around your ears to promote blood circulation, relieve pain, soothe headaches, release tension, and relax your mind. Unwind your mind after a long day with heat therapy.

Painless Dual Phototherapy Laser Therapy  

Customers love this Anti-Hair Loss Electric Scalp Massager for its ability to ease anxiety and increase energy levels. Studies have found that head massage helps release dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with feeling good, and can reduce depression and improve your mood! Massage affects not only the body, but your mind, too! The blue laser light has a particularly good anti-inflammatory effect, and consistent use can inhibit the inflammatory response of hair follicles, to effectively improve hair follicle atrophy and assist in the treatment of hair loss.