Hi5 Waker Vibration Plate - White Single Motor


Waker Vibration Plate Machine

Hi5 Waker Vibration Plate with Single Motor

Imagine you only need to stand on a plate then you can easily get a good figure, burn fat, and realize whole body exercise. Yes, it is Hi5 Waker! This luxurious vibration plate is equipped with many attractive functions and designs. Such as the anti-slid rubber plate, super clear smart operation panel and the sensitive remote control. Everything of Hi5 Waker makes you have a more comfortable and deluxe using experience with amazing effects.

Fat Burning, Body Shaping

10-20 minutes each day is equivalent to 60-80 minutes of conventional exercises
and a regular easy vibration over a certain period on this plate instead of gasping working out will witness the changes about yourself. You will gradually find yourself become slim, energetic and have sleek complexion. Just easy vibrating(based on different intensities and working durations) can realize the equivalent effects of the above exercises.

Multiple Exercise Postures

99 Levels of Vibration Intensity
Hi5 Waker has 99 levels of vibration speed for different requirements! Besides, it has 3 different vibration areas: Walking area, Jogging area, and Running area, and you could select the levels or area according to your own requirement.

Noise Reduction Tech, Vibrating in Quite
The device selects the advanced motor with ultra low noise, which will not disturb you and other people and give you a more comfortable experience.

Smart Touch Control Panel
The smart touch control panel is very sensitive to "feel" your any touch to adjust the vibration speed, switch mode sand song, or turn down/up the volume of the song

Expedient Remote Control
The remote control makes the use more convenient since you do not need to bend over to adjust which also increases the safety during use. Besides, it still works even if it is 2.5m away from the plate.

Super Strong Suction Feet
The plate is strongly sucked on the ground by the suction feet and you do not need to worry it will move to make you fall down, very stable and firm.

Attractive Balance Resistance Bands
The device is supplied with Balance Resistance Bands, effectively helps to train your strength and balance.

Bluetooth Stereo
Hi5 Waker is equipped with Bluetooth function and you can enjoy music while you are vibrating, and the stereo makes the play effect more melodious.