Hi5 E10 Electric Smart Mini Eye Massager with Heating System

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• 180° Foldable. Lightweight
   Product Size: 16 x 6 x 5 cm (6.3" x 2.3" x 1.9")
   Folded Size: 8.3 x 6 x 6 cm (3.3" x 2.3" x 2.2")
   Net Weight: 112g (3.95 oz)

One (1)-Year Warranty  

Key Features:

Zero Pressure: 3D groove design puts zero pressure on the eyeballs and won't blur vision after massage
4 Modes to choose for your different needs: Active Mode, Soothing Model, Eye-Care Mode and Sleeping Mode
8 High-Frequency Vibration Motor: stimulates the pressure points around the eyes to improve blood circulation make the skin around the eyes more shiny and elastic
3 Intensity levels to choose from: soft mode relaxes the eyes, moderate mode reduces visual fatigue and strong mode relieves swelling
3 Heating levels: from 104°F to 113°F provides warmth therapy to relieve pressure, reduce fatigue and reduce swelling
Live voice prompt: allows for easy use and touchless control
Chic surface mirror design: Eco-friendly vacuum plating produced with nontoxic materials, scratch resistant mirror surface, and comes in a fashionable aurora blue and gradient purple design
Fast charging and long battery life: 1000Ah large capacity battery and 2.5 hours for full charge
Lightweight and portable: Folding design saves space and is easy to carry
For everyday use: at home, at work and while traveling
Packing Included: Eye massager; Velvet Bag; USB-C Cable Gift box

• 4 Modes
   Active Mode - Sweep tiredness away, bring clear eyes back;
   Soothing Mode - Care for eyes all-round, relieve dryness all day;
   Eye-care Mode - Relax your eyes and relieve eye fatigue;
   Sleep Mode - Drive away anxiety, enjoy a better sleep

• 3 Levels of Heating
  Provides a comfortable temperature between 104℉-107℉-113℉,
  Warm vibration can regulate the metabolism of the eyes,
  more effectively improve symptoms such as dry eyes and reduce dark circles.


The E10 Electric Eye Massager is ergonomically designed for many groups of people. Especially for people who spend a long time reading, studying and working. It helps relieve soreness, eye fatigue, dryness of the eyes, and blurred vision caused by working or studying all day while focusing on a digital screen. The E10 Electric Smart Eye massager is compact, lightweight, and has a chic design. The built in speaker in the E10 eye massager allows voice prompts and it is easy to switch to four different modes to meet personal needs. The lightweight and 180° folding design saves space and is easily portable. The E10 eye massager is the perfect gift for family, friends and lovers.


Lightweight, Chic, Stylish

Designed to look chic and stylish for both men and women of all ages. Choose from Aurora Blue and Blue and Purple Gradient.

This is super lightweight at just 112g or 4 ounces. They are so light and quiet you will forget you're wearing. Just 40db the sound of a whisper. These are ultra compact folding down to 2.3x3.5" to put in pocket, purse, or glove compartment. This comes with its own storage protection pocket.

The 180° Flexible & Foldable Design

E10 Eye Massager can be automatically adjusted to fit the facial contour of children and adults. We established that the E10 was perfect for ages 10-70 by testing the product on a large group of participants.



Adjustable Heating Levels

The high quality copper plate heats rapidly, distributes evenly, and will last and work well for up to 10 full years of benefits. Lets you adjust the amount of heat through 3 levels or turn heat off. Much more efficient and long lasting than the carbon fiber and graphene heating plates used in other brands.


Vatality Mode

Vitality Mode changes every 0.2 seconds to energize area around eyes.

Soothing Mode

Soothing Mode switches positions every 0.3 seconds with a gentle, relaxing rhythm.

Exercise Mode

Exercise Mode massage switches every 0.3 seconds to accompany eye movement for synchronized relaxation.

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode slower 0.4 seconds motion helps you relax to fall into a deep, restful sleep that lasts all night.

 This features a lightweight rechargeable battery that can quickly be recharged with Type C charging jack. A single charge of 2 hours lasts minimum 2.5 hours of usage.

Yes you can see outside things while enjoying a comforting eye massage. Two silicone plugs are included to block out sunlight to transform the eye massager into an effective eye mask for sleeping.

Delivers soothing 12,000 massage vibrations per minute to help quickly alleviate migraine headaches, eye strain, dark circles around eyes, and puffiness.