Hi5 Cooper Mini Massage Device Massage Gun Fitness Aiding Muscle Relaxation Pressure Relief Body Massager Household Masssage Device 4 Massage Heads 3 Levels of Intensity

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Hi5 Wellness Cooper Mini Massage Device:

A super mini and light gadget, is an advanced massager used for full body massage in various scenarios like fitness, yoga, after-work relaxation. It helps to relieve the pain, relax the muscle and release the pressure with 3 levels of vibration intensity. Its portable USB-C charging port design also makes it convenient for you to use anytime and anywhere.

3 Levels of Vibration Intensity: up to 3200RPM

Level 1 1800rpm for fascia relaxation

Level 2 2600rpm for muscle

Level 3 3200rpm for decomposing the lactic acid

Quality Aluminum Alloy Casing

Look at its beautiful casing which is made of quality aluminum alloy, and makes Hi5 Cooper looks more luxurious! It is also good touching, and durable.

8.5KGF Large Torque Motor

Strong Power with 6mm Stroke, Hi5 Cooper has a large torque motor which produces strong massage at a low noise ( below 45dB) in a range of 1600-3200rpm to reach the deep tissue for fully relaxation.

 Large Battery Capacity: 2000mAh Long Run Time

Hi5 Cooper uses 2000mAh lithium battery to ensure a smooth massage without sudden stop which also makes it convenient to carry anytime and anywhere.

 4 Interchangeable Massage Heads

Hi5 Cooper has 4 interchangeable massage heads: fork shape, bullet shape, flat shape and round shape. They are for different use and function applied on different body part to make the massage more effective.

Super Small Design

Put Hi5 Cooper with a smart phone together, and you surprisingly find the size of Cooper is even smaller than the phone! Super mini that you can carry it in your pocket.