Hi5wellness RadioHead Vibrating Massage Gun with 6 Levels Speeds equipped Smart Light System-White,Drawstring Pocket Package

Hi5wellness RadioHead Vibrating Massage Gun
Hi5welness RadioHead Vibrating Massage Gun is an advanced portable massager which selects high quality motor and built-in battery to realize the high performance massage and ultra long run time with ultra low noise. It suits various scenes and can be carried anytime and anywhere. By using Hi5wellness FlatHead Massage Gun, you can release your muscle fatigue and pressure, promote blood circulation. It also aids for fitness and workout.
hi5wellness radiohead vibration  massage gun
Suitable for various scenarios
Hi5 RadioHead Massage Gun is used in many different scenes:
doing exercise, sitting for a long time
Fell tired in daily life
Relax fascia and muscle
Feel pain in the muscle
Hi5wellness Patented Smart Light System provides light sources with different colors, brightness and flashing according to the status of the massage gun's stillness, movement, standby, and different speeds. It provides a high-tech lighting vision in a dark environment, and also increases the fun of massage.
When the massage gun is charging, the white light keeps illuminating.
Standby mode light indicator
The standby mode light indication:
when the massage gun is at sleeping standby mode, it shows weak light;
when the massage gun is held in hand and moves at active standby mode, it shows strong light. It is much sensitive to feel you
Vibrating speed light indicator
The light color changes accordingly when the vibrating speed changes.
Blossom Pink for Gear 1 of 1600 times percussion per minute to realize energy restore.
Sky blue for Gear 2 of 2000 times percussion per minute to realize fascia relief.
Sunshine orange for Gear 3 of 2400 times percussion per minute to realize muscle activation.
Vibrating speed light indicator
The light color changes accordingly when the vibrating speed changes.
Ocean blue for Gear 4 of 2800 times percussion per minute to realize deep massage;
Coral red for Gear 5 of 3200 times percussion per minute to realize professional massage; Purple for Gear 6 of 1600-3200 times percussion per minute to realize dynamic massage
Massage head attachments
The soft head attachments in varying sizes and shapes to meet different needs and avoid injuries to spine and bone during vibration. You can choose the head attachments by 3 classifications: 4 heads, 6 heads and 7 heads.
The head attachments are:
spade, fork, round, air cushion, bullet, flat and arc shape.
Long run time and quick charge
The massage gun uses a lithium battery of 2000mAh so that it can be used for around 8 hours per charge while one time of full charge only takes 2 hours!
You can use it as much as 20 minutes per day on level 1 speed for 25 days!
Ultra low noise
Hi5wellness RadioHead adopts advanced noise reduction technology so that it can realize almost noiseless vibrating massage with only 45db, therefore you don’t need to worry it will disturb other people even if you are in a library.
High-performance brushless motor
The massage adopts excellent brushless motor so that the massage gun can realize continuous power-out and smooth vibrating massage up to 3200 percussions per minute and get into 6 mm deep of the muscle with only 45dB noise, as quiet as in a library.
Lightweight and mini design
Hi5wellness RadioHead is attractive not only in its powerful vibrating, but also in its mini and portable design. It is as small as a mobile phone with 6.56" long and 1.1Ibs weight only. You can take it anytime and anywhere.
Concise design, easy to operate
The operation is very simple, you can only press one button to control this mini but powerful massage gun from vibrating level 1- level 6.
It is with USB-C charging port, battery level and speed indicators, very clear and convenient.
Perfect color match
White and Agate blue is a perfect match which displays a sense of science and good visual effect accompanied by the smart light system when you hold it !