Hi5wellness E Minute 4 Heads Vibrating Massage Gun for Different Muscle Groups


Hi5 E Minute Vibrating Massage Gun
Hi5 E Minute Vibrating Massage Gun is an advanced portable massager which selects high quality brushless motor and built-in battery to realize the high performance massage and ultra long run time with ultra low noise. It suits various scenes and can be carried anytime and anywhere. By using Hi5 E Minute Massage Gun, you can relieve your muscle fatigue and release your pressure, and promote blood circulation. It also aids for fitness and workout.

 Hi5wellness E Minute Vibration Massage Device Muscle Relaxation

4 interchangeable heads
The soft head attachments in varying sizes and shapes to meet different needs, avoid injuries to spine and bone during vibration and increase the comfort of the massage.
U-shape is applied to massage the muscle surrounding the neck and spine.
Flat head is applied to massage the small muscle group
Round head is applied to massage the large muscle group such as arms, waist, and thighs.
Cylindrical head is applied to massage the palm and sole.

Long run time and quick charge
The massage gun uses a lithium battery of 2000mAh so that it can be used over a long period while one time of full charge only takes 1.5 hours!


3 Levels of Vibrating Speed
Hi5 E Minute has 3 levels of vibrating speed, and you can adjust the intensity based on your own requirement by pressing the power/speed button.
Level 1: 1600 times/min for facia relaxation
Level 2: 2400 times/min for deep massage
Level 3: 3200 times/min for professional massage

Ultra low noise
Hi5 E Minute adopts advanced noise reduction technology so that it can realize almost noiseless vibrating massage, therefore you don’t need to worry it will disturb other people even if you are in a library.

AI Chip, Smart Protection
Hi5 E Minute selects AI chip which can adjust the output power according to the massage pressure. It has 4 smart protections: short circuit protection, electromagnetic low voltage protection, pressure feedback protection and overload protection.