Hi5 Clinton Vibrating Massage Ball

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Fitness Aiding Body Shape Massage Ball
Multiple Part Body Massage
Suitable for Various Scenarios
Vibration Massage Ball Muscle Relief
Suitable for various people
  • Since its portable design, it can be used anytime and anywhere:
  • People who could use the ball to relax the muscle after workout;
  • People who spend a lot of time working or studying and feel tensed;
  • People who could use the massage ball to aid their fitness;
  • People who just want to relax themselves at leisure;
  • People who usually do laborious work and feel soreness in the muscle

Multiple vibrating speed
Hi5 Clinton Vibrating Massage Ball has 5 levels of vibrating speed to fully meet your requirements:

  • Level 1 for 2000 times/minute to massage in a tender way;
  • Level 2 for 2500 times/minute to relax fascia;
  • Level 3 for 2000 and 3000 times/minute to relieve soreness(massage alternately between slow and fast within 2 seconds);
  • Level 4 for 2000 and 3000 times/minute to enjoy comfort (massage alternately between slow and fast within 1 second);
  • Level 5 for 3000 times/minute to realize deep massage;

Quick charge and long service life
Hi5 Clinton Vibrating Massage Ball selects quality built-in battery so that it has long service life and can be used for around 5 hours after fully charged! You can use it as much as 20 minutes per day on level 1 speed for 15 days!

Ultra low noise massage
It boasts the most advanced noise reduction technology and motor so that you can enjoy the massage in quiet and do not need to worry if the massage will disturb other people.

Easy to operate
Hi5 Clinton Vibration Massage Ball is very easy to operate since its design of one button to control. You could have a clear operation image through the above picture: charging port, switch/ level adjustment button, speed level indicator and battery level indicator, very concise and legible.

Exquisite details
The material is made of soft rubber and the 3D texture is ergonomic. The whole design is chic and exquisite, portable and comfortable.

Vibrant colors
The vibration massage ball has two colors-black and blue which stands for power and energy. You can choose as you like.