Hi5 Wrist Power Trainer Ball


Wrist Strength Training

wrist training ball
As we live in a society where is full of competition, we have study hard or work hard to obtain a tiny space in this world. Consequently we bear mush pressure and we even don't have enough time to have fun to relax ourselves. Hi5 PC Wrist Ball perfectly solves this problem-you can play the ball during your study and work to get fun and release your pressure. It trains the strength of your wrist and forearm and make you get more fun while you play it.
Use Instruction
Push the core
There is elastic device inside
Push the ball core along the arrow till the end (until you cannot push it any more).
Loosen the ball core and then start rotating the ball.
Rotating the ball
Control the rotate speed of ball core, and adjust the gravity with ultra low noise . The faster the speed is, the more power you get.
The data above is obtained from experimental test, please take the actual as standard.
Shining light
While rotating, there is light flickering inside, adding the fun of the wrist training.
The light is not from battery, but from amazing mechanical force!
This adds more fun during rotation.
The double safe protection
anti-slippage silicone loop
wrist rope design
Both can prevent you from tossing out of the ball.

Environmental & durable material
Solid metallic ball core
The ball core is made of alloy.
Exact weight design for training, durable for use.
The ball shell is made of environmental PC materials with better shock resistance.