Hi5 Rock 5 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller


full body massage roller

Full body relaxation Yoga Aiding

3 massage patterns with 3 different texures

Reduce muscle and joint pain
• Relaxes and restores fascia
• Better flexibility, joint mobility, and range of motion
• Great for use before and after workouts
• Reduce muscle pain and injury recovery time with regular use
• Prevent injuries and pulled muscles
• Unlike smooth rollers, penetrates deep into muscle tissue for maximum benefit
• Self massage for relaxing after a long day of working

3 Areas of Massage Texture
Since Hi5 Rock Different Massage Experiences
The roller has 3 designs for massage texture:

  • Simulating finger massage area
  • Designed for tissue flushing, the elongated projections of the second zone mimic human fingers
  • Simulating palm massage area
  • The lightest of the 3 massage zones, the palm zone offers a gentler massage, and replicates the therapist's palms.
  • Simulating fingertip massage area
  • The most intense massage zone, the small projections replicate the finger tips and thumbs of a massage therapist.

Two Modes of Massage
Hi5 High Speed Vibrating Foam Roller has 2 modes of massage:
Pressure Massage + Vibrating Massage
Vibrating is not recommended to use when the device is working on the head, neck and back.

5 Levels of Vibrating Speed
Hi5 has 5 levels of vibrating intensity which fully meets your requirement.
Level 1: 2100 times/minute, 35Hz to wake up the vitality of your body
Level 2: 2400 times/minute, 40Hz to relax the muscle
Level 3: 2700 times/minute, 45Hz to relieve pain and fatigue
Level 4: 3100 times/minute, 51.7Hz to realize deep massage
Level 5: 2100-3100 times/minute, 35-51.7Hz to realize comprehensive massage.

15 Minutes of Smart Timer
15 minutes of massage is a scientific and reasonable massage time.
An excessive massage will hurt the body while a short massage will not be effective.
Besides, you don’t need to worry if you fall asleep during massage because of the auto shut-off function.

Scientific Noise Reduction Tech
Hi5 Rock uses the quality motor and the most advanced multiple noise reduction technology with only 50dB to make the massage noiseless and realize stable working performance with low power consumption and long service life.

Long Run Time, Quick & Portable Charging
Hi5 Rock uses high performance lithium battery with 2000mAh large capacity so that it can be used more than 8 times. after the roller is fully charged.
Its USB-C charging port can be accessible to cell phones and computers which makes the charging quicker and more portable.
*The run time may differ according the different usages and situations.

One Button to Control
One button design not only makes the operation more humanized, but also avoiding accidental touches.
1. Power button/ Level
2. Speed indicator
3. Battery level indicator
4. USB-C charging port