Armona Electric Wireless Portable 3D Vibrating Scalp Head and Body Massager


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Hi5 Armona Electric 3D Vibrating Scalp Head & Body Massager is designed to realize full body massage by its multi-functional modes with hot compress function and simulating Shiatsu massage which helps you to relieve fatigue, muscle soreness, and stiffness and finally to help you build a healthy life. The head and body massager is with 84 touch points 4 massager & 84 tentacles and 360° whole area deep shiatsu to realize 4 massage modes: Soft Clockwise Shiatsu Massage, Quick Clockwise Shiatsu Massage, Soft Shiatsu Counterclockwise Massage, and Quick Shiatsu Counterclockwise Massage. The massager can be used to massage on many parts of the body, such as on the head, shoulder, arm, lumbar, leg and so on, because it is designed based on Ergonomics that makes the massager very fit to the body curve and suitable for any people. Most of importantly, the massager also can be used for both dry and wet so that it does not only massage your scalp and head, but also wash your hair, and skins with its soft brush accessories and environment and skin friendly materials! The massager is portable and charged by USB-C charging port, and you can use it cordless which makes it convenient to carry and use anywhere and anytime, so it is not only for household use, but for many situation use. The massager adopts low noise technology which enables you or other people not to be disturbed while massaging and will not encounter sudden stop because of its large capacity battery.

One (1)-Years Warranty 

Product Features:

  1. This product is an electric head and body massager with 10 minutes of intelligent working time to help you have a scientific massage time and away from excessive massage which can hurt muscles.
  2. Material: The head and body massager uses ABS+Silicone which is environment and skin friendly.
  3. Battery: 1200mAh which keeps the head and body massager running even for a long time.
  4. Size: 4.3"x 4.3" x 5.5" , and the size is so compact which makes it easy to hold and carry. Net weight: 0.4KG/0.9Ibs, very light to carry.