Hi5 Sport Pro Vibration Massage Device with Ergonomic Curvy Design, Chic and Exquisit(Gift Box)e

Sport Pro Vibration Massage Gun
premium motor, strong power output            

Hi5 Sport Pro is an advanced massage device to improve blood circulation, relax your body, relieve the fatigue and reduce the soreness of the muscles, help lose weight, and assist doing exercise by vibrating massage and help get in shape. Its multi-mode massage and interchangeable heads fully meets your requirement. its quality motor makes the massage more stable to realize deep massage. Moreover, its portable and light design enables you to use the massage gun at anywhere and anytime.

4 interchangeable heads
The soft head attachments in varying sizes and shapes to meet different needs, avoid injuries to spine and bone during vibration and increase the comfort of the massage.
U-shape is applied to massage the muscle surrounding the neck and spine.
Flat head is applied to massage the small muscle group
Round head is applied to massage the large muscle group such as arms, waist, and thighs. Cylindrical head is applied to massage the palm and sole.

5 Levels of Vibrating Speed
Level 1-Gentle mode to promote blood flow
Level 2-Relaxing mode to relieve fatigue
Level 3- Body shaping mode to burn fat
Level 4-Sports mode to revive the vitality
Level 5-Profession mode to enhance the muscle strength

Ultra Quite Massage, Noise Reduction Tech
The noise made by Sports Pro is only 45dB(Gentle mode)-54dB(Professional mode) which is almost noiseless and you do not worry to disturb other people during the massage even if you are in the office for launch time.

Selected Motor, Shakeless Massage
Hi5 Sport Pro selects advanced brushless motor which allows the power to give out continously without shaking and makes the massage more smooth and comfortable.

Sealed Design
Hi5 Sport Pro adopts IPX3 waterproof material so that even if you use it to assist you workout and and let the sweats stream down on it, it still will not be affected and make you have an easy use of it.

Light and Portable with Long Run Time
This small vibrating massager enables you to carry it outoors due to its small size at the same time you don't need to worry if it will be suddenly power off, since it has a 2600mAh lithium battery which can last clear 6 hous!

Exquisite Details
The sillica material makes it touch good and the L shape design makes it easy to hold and operate, super ergomonomic and humanized.