Hi5 Good Eyesight Classic Eye Massager, 24 Massage Magnets, 9 Model Adjustable


Hi5 Good Eyesight Classic Eye Massager
Do you feel uncomfortable after reading for a long time? Do you feel dry in the eyes since staying up late last night? Does the muscle begin to go senile around the eyes? It is time to use Hi5 Good Eyesight Classis Eye Massager to alleviate these problems and improve the situations of your eyes. Hi5 Good Eyesight has multiple massage modes with attractive magnets and infrared operating function. Its portable and lightweight design also enable you to use it anytime and anywhere.

Infrared Gesture Operation
This amazing and attractive infrared gesture operation allows you to switch the mode or speed quickly by just moving your palm through the infrared sensing area, very scientific and magic.

24 Massage Magnets
It relax the muscle around your eyes and protect your eyes by massaging the acupoints and the contour of the eyes with magnets.
The essence of the internal organs are all focused on the eyes. The eyes are the source of fatigue, so people need to close their eyes and rest when they are tired.

9 Modes Adjustable
9 modes adjustable which fully meets your requirements
Vibrating/Kneading, multiple mode, choose as you like.
1. Automatic Mode: when this mode is running, you can switch the following modes repeatedly within 10 minutes.
2. High Level: strong vibration intensity

3. Mid Level: mid vibration intensity

4. Low Level: weak vibration intensity
5.Gentle Mode: There will be wavy vibration every 1.5 seconds (strong and weak vibration alternate).
6.Comfort Mode: There will be wavy vibration every 1 second (strong and weak vibration alternate).
7.Strong Tapping: There will be pulse massage every 0.5 seconds.
8.Mid Tapping: There will be pulse massage every 0.25 seconds.
9.Quick Tapping: There will be pulse massage every 0.2 seconds.

5 Levels of Speed Adjustable

Hi5 Good Eyesight has 5 levels of speed to choose, so you can adjust between quick and slow.
Choose the most suitable levels according your own need.
Level 1: 3500 times/min to relieve the fatigue of your eyes
Level 2: 4500 times/min to revive the vitality of your eyes
Level 3: 6000 times/min to make your eyes have daily care
Level 4: 7500 times/min to relax the muscle of your eyes
Level 5: 9000 times/min to realize deep massage

Smart Working Timer
Hi5 Good Eyesight has smart timer function so that it will shut off automatically after 10 minutes of working and level 1 of speed will start by default once turned on, and its 9 modes will automatically and cyclically switch.

Built-in Quality Lithium Battery, USB Portable Charging
Hi5 Good Eyesight can be used for a long time after fully charged since it uses built-in, quality and large capacity battery When the battery is low, there will be beeps. The charging is very convenient and you can enjoy the massage anytime and anywhere.

Environmental and Safe Material
The device is made of ABS+silicone+magnets, safe and harmless.
The lightweight and convenient design makes it easy to use and wear.
The adjustable elastic band makes it suitable for the whole family
The stainless steel buttons is strong and durable, hard to break