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Your lightweight, Chic, Stylish Eye Massager E10 from Hi5

Your lightweight, Chic, Stylish Eye Massager E10 from Hi5

Hot new release. See why everyone's raving about our newest release.

What makes this eye massager different from others?

Do you spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen? Does your eyes get dry easily or you suffer from eye fatigue? Look no further; this is the perfect product for you. 

Experience 36 different massage variations by mixing and matching 4 different modes, 3 intensity levels and heating levels ranging from 104°F to 113°F. Made with eco-friendly vacuum plating and nontoxic materials; our new eye massager is breathable, comfortable and includes skin friendly flannel. Choose between the gradient purple and aurora blue. The folding design saves space and makes it easily portable. Use it at home, bring it to work or use while traveling. The possibilities are limitless.

Master Provides a 1 year Warranty for Quantity Guaranteed. 


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